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Become An Affiliate

Updated Sep 10 2018 09:09 am

When the affiliate program is activated, just scroll to the affiliate section on any product that it is enabled for and you will see how much you can earn when someone you refer buys the item.

How can I refer people?

When you register on our website, click on the profile icon by the top right and locate the affiliate section. Copy the code referral code or link or scroll to any particular product to use the code for only that product.

Do I earn if they purchase a different product?

Yes, you earn as long as the product they purchased is enrolled for the affiliate programs.

What if someone I refer does not register immediately?

When people click your link, we can track them through that browser for up to 30 days with cookies. Anytime they choose to register, you will get earnings for the purchases they make, only for products that are activated for the affiliate program.

How do I find products that are in the affiliate program?

To find out products activated for affiliate, please go to the search page to view all products. Click on the advanced options and you will be able to filter only products that have affiliate earnings.

How long can I earn for every person I refer?

The validity is usually 1 year from the date they registered. But if this merchant has extended the validity, you will be able to find out in your affiliate page when logged in.

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