Terms and Conditions of Service

1. I am 18years and above and am registering as a member of first brand multi - level store on my own accord, mentally sound and not forced or cajoled.

2. I have personally received seminar on the marketing plan from an authorized company’s representative.

3. This membership application registration shall constitute a binding agreement between me and First brand multi - level store.

4. I understand that as a registered member; First brand multi - level store expects its members to conduct themselves with the highest ethics and integrity, therefore I agree to do so and I also attest to the fact that I have never been convicted of a felony or charged with any crime involving morals or dishonesty.

5. To be a registered member, you must have completed payment and your registration form sincerely filled and submitted to First brand multi - level store website or First brand multi - level store certified Center.

6. You are an active member only when you refer/register downlines directly under you & a notice to our inactive members, when you register & didn't refer directly to your rewards, your earnings will be given to those who pushed/worked for it as pins. 

7. I have received and read First brand multi - level store Company’s policies and as such, I agree to operate and promote my business in accordance with these Company’s policies , procedures and marketing plan. Therefore I understand that my acts or lack of action, which may result in a misuse, misrepresentation or violation of such policies and procedures can lead to the termination of my membership.

8. I understand that my remuneration is based on my performance carrying out the compensation plan structure of the network marketing for First brand multi - level store company.

9. As long as I am a registered member of First brand multi - level store and not in violation of this agreement, First brand multi - level store shall pay me for my successful completion of my compensation plan / structure in any of the stages.

10. To start earning/receiving your WELCOME PACK , you must complete the stage1. ie, to have your complete downlines directly sponsored by you.

11. At each of the level, members are to collect the named cash and also receive the food Items plus incentive as already started in the compensation plan. 

12. To properly represent the Company network marketing plan, all forms of advertising such as audio, video tape and printed materials must be submitted and approved in writing by an authorised Company representative prior to use.

13. It is the sole decision of the Company to award/select the members that are considered to merit/receive the "ADDED BENEFIT" which includes; Award, etc.

14. When Cars are to be exchanged with cash, it will be an absolute decision of the Company to determine the amount to be given to the members.

15. It is the sole decision of the Company (First brand multi - level store) to choose the nature of Cars  to award to the qualifiers. Any incentive to be monetized will be charged 10%•

16. All registration fees must be accompanied by First brand multi - level store  bank tellers / Deposits slips stamped by any of the designated banks for proper amount paid, or paid directly to any of the First brand multi - level store stockists specified by the company, this payment is non refundable. 

17. This agreement is personal in nature and cannot be assigned or transferred except in the event of death, where it maybe inherited by an individual in the next of kin as stated on the registration form.

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